Hi, my name is Stacie Tappen and I am the founder of Wild + Free Collective. I'd like to share with you a little bit of my story and why it is I do what I do..

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry now for over 15 years. When I look back to when all of this started for me, I remember as a child, loving to move my body, be in nature and having an innate curiosity for the workings of this world. My active childhood eventually lead me into sports and after completing high school, I attended the GPRC and graduated with a business diploma. At this time, I would say I was unsure of my own gifts and talents. I knew deep down that I wanted to help make a difference in this world, but had more questions than I had answers.

Learning and self-development have always been important to me. This drive for knowledge lead me into studying psychological and philosophical based teachings, as I felt this would help me grow as a person, and bring clarity to some of the bigger questions I was having about my life, and also benefit my career in human resources at the time.

When I wasn’t working I was always seeking out fun and adventure, so it’s only fitting that this turned into a love for travel as well.  I wanted to know how the rest of the world experienced life. It really opened up my eyes by being exposed to new places, people and cultures, and it’s through this that I developed a wider world view and a more expanded perspective on life. It also gave me a greater appreciation for my home country and lit up my desire for helping others. I loved it so much that I started up a side travel business to support these new found adventures.

I’ve always understood the value in taking care of yourself and making health and wellness a top priority. I wasn’t playing as many sports so the gym became my next option. After seeing the results I was getting, not only physically but mentally, it sparked my interest, and I dove into studying human anatomy and physiology, nutrition and exercise science for a couple years before going back to college to study fitness leadership at the GPRC.

After finishing my studies at the GPRC and taking numerous other trainings, I began my career as a personal trainer. This passion for helping others achieve optimal health and wellness fueled my career and I finally felt like I had landed on how I was going to make a difference in the world. However, after a few years in the industry, my body started to break down. I was working long hours, was under a lot of stress as I was going through a lot personally at the time, and didn’t have a strong support system in place to get me through it. I eventually made the hard decision to leave the career I loved. The process of walking away wasn’t easy, I resisted, so the lessons kept getting harder, until I finally surrendered and turned my focus to healing myself.

Life was pulling me in a new direction. It wasn’t just my body that was breaking down, I realized there were some mental patterns at work here that weren’t serving me anymore. I turned to yoga and meditation to heal my body and mind and that choice turned out to be life changing. After dedicating myself to the practice, my energy came back, my mind was clear and focused, and I had a sense of inner peace that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

An entirely new chapter was opening up in my life

one that compelled me to dig a little deeper and sign up for a yoga teacher training at Tandava Yoga in Kelowna, BC. At the time, my intention wasn’t to become a teacher, just to discover more about this healing process I was going through. It’s this training where my life started to shift in big ways. The yoga practice was rooted in the teachings of kripalu – a meditation in motion practice focusing on how to connect to a more heart centered way of living. Before taking this training I had no idea how hard I was being on myself. What I experienced through this program was how to connect to the heart through compassion, non judgement, and acceptance, not only to myself, but to everyone around me. It was near the end of the training where I felt the call to become a teacher. I graduated as a 300hr yoga teacher – 200 hrs in intensive yogic studies and 100 hrs in holistic health studies in eastern and western nutrition, modern health counseling and intuitive practice.


From here, my journey as a yoga teacher began and after some time teaching I signed up for an advanced 300hr yoga teacher training in Bali with Julia McCabe. I had been through many transformative experiences in my life, but this one was on a whole other level. Perhaps it was a combination of being immersed in nature, the practice, deep inquiry of self and modern + ancient yogic studies, but I left there on fire! Up until then, I didn’t realize how much the challenges of life had whittled away at my confidence. That month in Bali will always be etched in my memory, it brought me back online.

When I came home I was on a mission to share all that I had learned about yoga. After some time teaching and developing a consistent meditation practice, I signed up for an advanced yoga nidra + limiting beliefs training with Tanis Fishman in Calgary, AB.

I learned about the power of your subconscious mind + how it creates your reality and how to create optimal healing in the body through meditation. It was an embodied learning experience that showed me how in order to change your life, you need to change your energy.

Now that my energy was restored, I brought back weight training and my career as a personal trainer and took a leap of faith and started my own business. Wild + Free Collective was born on the premise of serving my community by sharing all I have learned, in hope, that if I can help make a difference in one person’s life, that that will create a ripple effect through the community and in the world.

Wild + Free is different for everyone. It’s whatever inspires you to be the best possible version of yourself and makes you come more alive. That could mean many things – maybe it’s to shift what’s limiting you, lifting weights to gain strength, stepping outside of your comfort zone, seeking out a new adventure, opening your heart, taking a deep breath, healing your body + mind, igniting your spirit, facing your fears, speaking your truth…the possibilities are endless. What I hope is that you find what works for you. Because what we need, more than ever, are people who are lit up. We are a microcosm of the macrocosom, every choice we make in any given moment affects the whole, the collective. Whatever makes you come more alive will have a direct effect on someone around you, it will make them come more alive too. That’s what wild + free means to me, what does it mean to you?

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